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Where to buy NFTs?

by Alijah Baylor

The answer to the “where to Buy NFT” question is straightforward – on the marketplace. But on which one you will need to choose. There are already many platforms on different blockchains and for additional copyright requirements. The main task of NFT platforms is to create, buy and sell tokens. But each NFT exchange has its peculiarities that must be taken into account when choosing a site.

Among the best NFT Marketplaces for selling NFT are:

  • OpenSea;
  • SuperRare;
  • Rarible;
  • NBA Top Shot;
  • Binance NFT;
  • Mintable;
  • Foundation NFT.

Let’s figure out where is the best place to buy nft.


OpenSea is one of the highest and most popular marketplaces where you can purchase or trade NFT tokens. The stock includes thousands of different NFTs: from arts by modern artists to game cards.


SuperRare is a digital art platform. Digital artworks function like NFTs that can be purchased and resold. Artists validate their work by creating a tokenized certificate. They then set a trading price and let potential buyers offer on their work.


Rarible is an NFT-marketplace and has one of the most significant trading volumes. Using the RARI token, artists can create and sell their work here. A novel feature of the platform is the ability for artists to collect royalties for each resale of their work.

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is a stage with massive support. Investors like an American sports league. The NBA Top Shot concept is to sell digital basketball collectible cards. Still, rather than static players’ pictures, the cards contain video clips from past games. Each pin is a unique token.

Binance NFT

Binance NFT Marketplace is one of the most popular and dynamically developing NFT platforms. It operates on the Binance Smart Chain, so selling and buying non-exchangeable tokens is cheaper than on exchanges operating on the Ethereum network.

A feature of Binance NFT is the Mysteri box, in which the user can buy a token of unknown content. You can find out the contents of a token only after purchasing it, and it can be a unique, very expensive token.


Mintable is an ERC-721 format NFT token exchange that confirms Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains. The marketplace is an online store positioned as a lightweight NFT service on which anyone can register. The platform has relatively simple controls and navigation. Here it is possible to put up for sale the maximum number of tokens at the lowest prices.

Foundation NFT

Foundation is a large NFT platform. The main feature is that you can become a member of it as an author only through an invitation (invite) – from an author who is registered on the exchange and actively sells his content. If you get an invite, a button will appear in your profile to create an NFT. However, virtually every action taken by the Foundation is subject to a gas price commission.

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