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Ethereum Cryptocurrency: What Is It and How to Purchase It?

by Alijah Baylor

Ethereum is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies today. It was launched in 2014 to decentralize products and services in a wider range of use cases besides money. The rapid growth in the cost of ETH has attracted a lot of attention: there are many newcomers and experienced crypto investors among those who want to buy the currency. 

It’s easy to purchase and sell Ethereum: this requires any fiat money, for example, US dollars or Euro, and a specialized service, like the OKX exchange or Binance. With this instruction, any beginner will be able to buy eth with mastercard, Visa, online wallets, and other payment services. 

How to Buy ETH Quickly: A Guide on the Principle of Operation

To start buying ETH profitably, it’s enough to study the cryptocurrency’s principle of operation. The user just should do the following:

  1. Follow the cryptocurrency rates and enter the exchange at a time when the Ether is not on the “hype” (that is to say, it doesn’t have the highest rate on the market).
  2. Choose a wallet for storing ETH. 
  3. Get a digital wallet (address) of the coin. 
  4. Choose the method of purchase: through the exchanger or through the main platform. In 2022, it’s easier and faster to buy ETH through a reliable exchanger, because they most often don’t ask for KYC.

Further, the client only has to store the coins and wait for a favorable rate for further sale!

The Reason for the ETH’s Popularity: The Distinctive Features of Cryptocurrency

Although Ethereum is compared with Bitcoin, they are quite different in their purpose. So ETH has become not only a cryptocurrency but also a separate platform and programming language. It can be used to create new applications and launch them. Among the features of Ethereum users also distinguish: 

  • non-stopping operation of the application;
  • security (the app is perfectly protected from hacker attacks by encryption technologies);
  • the application works on the basis of group decisions, which doesn’t allow it to be under someone’s control;
  • Ethereum is an internal currency that transmits information of all types;
  • the use of decentralization similar to the bitcoin system, but without access to the user’s personal data;
  • the application can work under any system conditions, both on a mobile device and on a stationary computer;
  • regular cryptocurrency updates;
  • stability in comparison with other coins.

With great potential for development, Ethereum in its current state hasn’t completely gotten rid of its limitations and disadvantages yet. In order for the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem to become the basis for the financial system, it’s necessary to increase the speed of transaction processing. Nevertheless, users like the cryptocurrency and are still actively buying it! 

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