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Bitcoin Blenders: what are they, and what do they do?

by Alijah Baylor

There are opaque repositories that can be used to send cryptocurrency anonymously. They block access to customer addresses and Bitcoin transaction information. In this case, the owners of the service have several crypto wallets. However, this article will provide you with detailed information about Bitcoin Blenders.

The meaning and importance of Bitcoin Blenders

The privacy of bitcoin blender is based on organizational accountability for privacy implemented at all levels, management of the data users use to conduct business, consistent global procedures and practices for protecting personal data, and privacy standards that are consistent with the tradition of high ethical standards, standards in the conduct of business, as well as ongoing oversight to continuously respond to changes in privacy issues.

Most importantly, such blenders offer users to earn money on mixing – using a referral reward system, which can reach 50%. You can work with an almost unlimited amount of funds, while the service does not save the transaction history and even offers a letter of guarantee to delete the logs. Such blenders take the technical complexity upon themselves. The user just needs to enter the address to receive coins and send bitcoins.

More about the principles of the Bitcoin Blenders

The whole process is automated, and you can use the Bitcoin blender at any time of the day. After the transaction is made, the entire web trace of the user on the site is completely deleted and does not leave any data; moreover, when registering, as well as:

  • Bitcoin blender does not ask for any personal information about you; just a wallet address is enough to use, which mixing will be done.
  • It allows participants in a transaction to prove its validity without revealing information.
  • For each transaction sent, a random one-time address is generated to avoid being tied to a recipient.

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